A Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM), also known as Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) or Single Point Mooring (SPM), is a dynamic loading and offloading buoy, that serves as a mooring point for tankers and as link between the Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) and shuttle tankers. They’re typically used both in shallow and in deep waters for import and / or export of crude oil and oil byproducts from / to oilfields or refineries. For what it concerns the hoses strings, they’re made by two main systems, floating and submarine. Floating lines can be composed by one single string or two parallel strings depending on the flow rates and products needed. The strings can be equipped with Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) and are generally equipped with a set of marine ancillaries (cam lock coupling, butterfly valve, spool piece, etc.) at the Tanker Rail Hose End.

The configuration hereunder indicated is the most common hose string configuration. Bassi Offshore however, depending on each specific case, is able to propose a tailor made solutions to fit every customer need.
    • 1st off buoy hose
      Half buoyant - One end reinforced
    • MAR 1151 HB
      MAR 1191 HB
      MAR 1211 HB
    • COMM 1151 HB
      COMM 1191 HB
      COMM 1211 HB
    • Mainline Hose
      Fully buoyant
    • MAR 1152 B
      MAR 1192 B
      MAR 1212 B
    • COMM 1152 B
      COMM 1192 B
      COMM 1212 B
    • Reducer Hose
      Fully buoyant
    • MAR 1153 B
      MAR 1193 B
      MAR 1213 B
    • COMM 1153 B
      COMM 1193 B
      COMM 1213 B
    • Tail Hose
      Extra buoyant
    • MAR 1154 EB
      MAR 1194 EB
      MAR 1214 EB
    • COMM 1154 EB
      COMM 1194 EB
      COMM 1214 EB
    • Tanker rail barbell hose
      Fully buoyant
    • MAR 1155 BB
      MAR 1195 BB
      MAR 1215 BB
    • COMM 1155 BB
      COMM 1195 BB
      COMM 1215 BB