Single Carcass Floating

Our OCIMF MARINER Single Carcass hoses, are built with one carcass (steel cords reinforcements and steel helix body) and floating material (foam cell) in order to guarantee a certain reserve buoyancy depending from the positions and the function they’ve within the hose string. They’re made of multiple plies of high performance materials suitable to resist to harsh marine environment conditions in long lasting applications.  

General specs:

  • ID: from 6” to 24”
  • Standard lining in NBR rubber suitable for crude oil and oil by products
  • Standard Reinforcement - Multiple plies of wire steel cord with one embedded helical body steel wire
  • Cover in chloroprene black synthetic rubber resistant to oil, abrasion, sunlight; polyurethane available upon request
  • Rated Working Pressure 15 or 19 or 21 bar
  • Minimum burst pressure: 75 or 95 or 105 bar
  • Built in fittings during manufacture
  • Standard Flange type: ASME B 16.5 class 300 lb or 150 lb, WN FF or RF, different solutions upon request
  • Standard Flange material: ASTM A105N / Hot dip galvanized (600 g/m2) or equivalent
  • Standard Nipple material: ASTM A106N gr. A/B or equivalent
  • Maximum flow velocity: max. 21 m/s
  • Fluid Temperature range -20/+82°C
  • Ambient Temperature range -29/+52°C
  • Maximum Temporary Elongation 2.5%
  • Maximum Permanent Elongation 0.7%
  • Electrical: discontinuous or continuous upon request
Feel free to contact us for a quotation or specific request of further information.