Bassi Offshore S.r.l. would like to thank you for the attention paid to our website and wants to make sure that your privacy is respected by using the following principles. If you have a few spare minutes we kindly ask you to read our policy concerning privacy based on both national laws and some of the strictest principles on an international level concerning the protection of personal information.

1) Collection and Use of Information: The personal data collected during the registration process on the website owned by Bassi Offshore S.r.l., in order to obtain services offered by Bassi Offshore S.r.l., will be stored on paper records and on electronic databases belonging to Bassi Offshore S.r.l., with registered office in Via Fossona, 132 – 35030  Cervarese S.Croce – PD – Italy. Bassi Offshore S.r.l. will be responsible for the treatment of such information. Bassi Offshore S.r.l. subjects the personal information of users to all the processing operations set out by the Legislative Decree 196/2003, that is to say data collection, registration, organisation, conservation, processing, alteration, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection and any other operation needed in order to carry out the services requested, including the communication of such data to third parties where necessary in accordance with the provisions of the same decree. Such data may also be organised in databanks or archives.

In particular the goals of processing the personal information are the following:  
- to provide the services on offer;
- to supply information and/or the sending of communications regarding the services;
- to comply with any and all accounting and tax requirements;
- to trace alleged perpetrators only where specifically requested to do so and only on behalf of the competent authorities.

In the case where the user has provided their consent to such effect:
- the supply of information and/or offers concerning services of Bassi Offshore S.r.l. and associated and/or controlled companies, as well as its partners and outsourcers, without such use causing the transfer of personal information to third parties.

2) Updating, Rectification, Integration, Cancellation of your personal information (according to the art. 7, number 3, letter a, b, c): The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal information relating to them, even if they are not yet registered, and receive communication thereof in a comprehensive form.
The person concerned has the right to obtain information: 
- about the origin of the personal information;
- about the purposes and form of the processing;
- about the logic applied in the case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic tools;
- details about the owner, about the people in charge and about the designated representatives in accordance with the art. 5, comma 2;
- about the subjects or the subject categories to which the personal information could be communicated or who could get to know about the personal information as designated representatives in the State territory, of people in charge or employees.

The person concerned has the right to obtain:
- the update, rectification or, when wanted, the integration of the data;
- the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed in breach of law, including those for which the conservation is not necessary in relation to the aims for which the information was collected or subsequently processed; 
- the attestation that the operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been disclosed, even for that concerning their content, to those persons to whom the data has been communicated or distributed, excluded the case in which the requirements result impossible or involve the use of means which are expressively excessive in respect of the governing law.

The person concerned has the right to oppose, in whole or in part:
- for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data relating to them even if irrelevant to the aim of the collection;
- to the processing of the personal information regarding them for the purpose of sending publicity material or direct sales or to carry our market research or commercial communications.

3) Where is the policy applied: Our policy concerning personal information, which you are presently reading, covers all the data collected on this website and other websites connected to it.

4) What our privacy policy is not applied to (disclaimer): to all that which is out of our control, including possible attacks that could be carried out by hackers and which are not foreseeable by up to date security techniques that we use.

5) Use of COOKIES: Bassi Offshore S.r.l. could use cookies for certain necessary aspects in order to transmit, through the website, a better idea of our services. Cookies are identifiers that a website can send to the user's browser in order to maintain the traces of the computer and in order to facilitate subsequent visits to the website. cookies are a norm in the sector and many websites use them. You can set your computer to refuse these cookies within websites or to receive a notice each time a cookie is being sent. However, some parts of the services offered on might not work properly if the cookies are not accepted.

6) Use of IP addresses: An IP address is a number which is automatically assigned by your Internet Provider (the supplier of your internet access) every time that you surf on line. When you request a page from the website our server registers your IP address and transmits it to our administrative system in order to refer temporary information to our sponsors who have the task to study user's visits to our website. This operation, however, does not endanger your personal information because we do not link your IP address to any address or personal information which could identify you, this means that your visit to our website is registered but that you surf in a completely anonymous way.

7) Contract conditions: In the case of a purchase or reservation on the website, the user is obliged to provide their details for billing purposes or the providing of the services; for the sending of specific information concerning the requested service; if for payment by credit card has been chosen, Bassi Offshore S.r.l. will use such information exclusively for the processing of the order or the reservation. Information provided will not be used for non commercial purposes and will not be sold, transmitted or granted in licence or forwarded on to third parties in any other way.

8) Changes to this statement: Bassi Offshore S.r.l. will occasionally update this Privacy statement, in order to acknowledge the latest legislatives and international updates concerning the matter. We encourage you to periodically review the statement.

9) Sharing of personal data: Bassi Offshore S.r.l. shares with third parties the information collected only on the following conditions:
a) in the case that your have granted your consent;
b) in the case that is absolutely necessary in order to provide the requested services.

10) Links - connected websites: the website may contain links to other websites. Bassi Offshore S.r.l. does not perform monitoring neither concerning the inspection of the contents of such websites, nor to verify if such websites collect and process the personal information of the user. Consequently, Bassi Offshore S.r.l. declines any kind responsibility concerning material available on such websites and advises you to examine the privacy policy statement of each website.

11) Security measures: Bassi Offshore S.r.l. adopts all suitable measures in order to protect your details: it has adopted all the suitable security measures to protect the security and the integrity of your data during their processing; Bassi Offshore S.r.l. has written a Programmatic Document on Security (DPS), in compliance with the Italian normative on privacy, (Legislative Decree 196/2003). In which it is attested that Bassi Offshore S.r.l. uses a protected server, files with security locks, the rule of computer authorization, and is also equipped with access control systems in the rooms where the processing of personal information takes place.

12) Policy for the protection of children and adolescents under the age of 14: Bassi Offshore S.r.l., conscious of the perils that can be hidden in the world of the web, follows with careful attention the development of new laws for the protection of adolescents and children. Bassi Offshore S.r.l. does not collect personal information from children under the age of 14. Bassi Offshore S.r.l. encourages parents to surf the web with their children, in order to educate them in the minimum security measures which they should use when in Internet. Amongst which it is very important to teach them not to give their personal information without the supervision of a parent or an adult who has been placed in charged by their parents or by the court to look after children under the age of 14. If we should discover that you are under the age of 14 we will arrange to erase your details immediately. In any case the first rule that should be respected is to never give your name, surname, the school attended, and above all your mobile phone number or you home telephone number.

13) Contacts:
 If you have any further questions or comments regarding our policy concerning the treatment of your details and/or for any other information you may require please do not hesitate to contact our person in charge of Privacy by phoning the following number +39 049 999 5008 or also by e-mail or else by registered post a package with return receipt to the following postal address: Bassi Offshore S.r.l. Via Fossona, 132 – 35030  Cervarese S.Croce (PD) – Italy.