Tandem Mooring Reel Catenary Hoses

Tandem Mooring is used for the transfer of oil and oil byproducts typically from FSO, FPSO, FSU, FSRU and other extracting facilities to shuttle tankers. It can be floating or submarine, and it can be left hanging off the vessel’s side or wrapped on a reel.
The string is wrapped on a reel which allow a better storage of the string. Floating or Submarine string can be chosen depending from the environmental conditions.

The configuration hereunder indicated is the most common hose string. Bassi Offshore however, depending from each specific case, is able to propose tailor made solutions to fit every customer need.
    • F(P)SO Connection hose
      Submarine one end reinforced
    • MAR 1151 S
      MAR 1191 S
      MAR 1211 S
    • COMM 1151 S
      COMM 1191 S
      COMM 1211 S
    • Mainline hose
    • MAR 1152 S
      MAR 1192 S
      MAR 1212 S
    • COMM 1152 S
      COMM 1192 S
      COMM 1212 S
    • Off take connection - Tanker rail hose
    • MAR 1155 B
      MAR 1195 B
      MAR 1215 B
    • COMM 1155 B
      COMM 1195 B
      COMM 1215 B